Projekt Kultivera

From: Pabsch, A. & Söderqvist, P. (2015). UNCRPD Implementation In Europe - A Deaf Perspective: Article 27: Work and employment. Brussels: EUD, page 123-124

"Projekt Kultivera in Örebro was started in 2010 by the Activa Foundation. It is supported by the Swedish Inheritance Fund and co-operates, amongst others, with SDR (Sveriges Dövas Riksförbund). The aim is to establish a social enterprise for sign language users who are currently excluded from the labour market. This was done so that it could act as a permanent business directly after the project was completed in 2013. Today, there are 8 sign

Today, there are 8 sign language users in the project, including project managers and consultants for the deaf. They receive income support in various ways from the Swedish Public Employment Service or the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. The project funds pay the project manager and the consultant. The company has an organic profile and deals with importing fruit and delivering fruit baskets to workplaces. 

A lunch restaurant is also provided for everyone; there is also a general service for deaf people to help them with various errands. Over time, the plan is to have their own organic garden and sell products such as herbs and vegetables.

The project manager is responsive tot he new challenge of a sign language workplace where everyone can communicate with each other. Good cooperation in the group creates opportunities for better health, community and self-esteem. Access to information and support in their own language are some of the factors for success."


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