Interviews Italy

Consuelo Agnesi (IT, LIS), part 1


  • How did you start your business? (0:0)
  • When was this? (1:0)
  • What do you do, what is your business? (1:35)

Consuelo Agnesi (IT, LIS), part 2


  • What barriers did you have to deal with, what support did you receive? (0:0)
  • Can you tell us some good experiences, some bad experiences? (1:56)
  • What do you wish you had known, when you first started? (4:40)
  • Is your business focused on the Deaf community? If yes: why? (6:07)
  • Do you use networking? If yes: how? What networks? (7:50)
  • Is there anything else, that you want to share with us? (9:20)

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