Mindy Drapsa

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from the website:

"We are a production company with the ambition to tell your story in sign language. Our vision is to enrich the world with this wonderful language. We want to inspire and inform, affect and provoke. 

The story of Dramaski began in a waste room belonging to the office of Stockholm Deaf Association. Mindy Drapsa and Filip Burman were sitting there dedicated to make a dream come true. Both Mindy and Filip had spent most of their childhood glued to the TV and since then never lost their passion for TV series and movies. But they were missing something in their lives: to see a TV series in their own language, in an environment associated to deaf culture. So in this waste room they created the world’s first TV series entirely without sound: ”anders.se”. A year later, in 2008, they formed Dramaski."

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