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Tina Lannin is the founder and director of 121 Captions.

From their website:

"121 Captions provides expert verbatim live captioning onsite and remotely to your tablet or laptop. We capture every word as it is spoken with 99% accurate instant live captioning. Make your business event and teleconference calls more accessible to those with a hearing loss or second language speakers with the best quality live captioning."

From Tina's blog:

Being Deaf and Running a Business

I love what I do and so do my colleagues. As a team, we are unbeatable. Every day is a blast, and we enjoy every moment. My only regret is not starting my business sooner and developing my team right from the start.

If you’re deaf and running your own business or thinking about starting a business, your team will often be the key to your business success.

I love being able to run my team my way, not according to the rules and practices established by those who aren’t deaf aware. I love going into work now. My team is very understanding of hearing loss because I’ve made sure it’s part of our company culture – be patient and understanding, be respectful and offer unconditional acceptance.

Today, my team consist of people from all around the world, each contributing to a larger dynamic. Knowing someone well and being certain of their abilities, skills, and motivation contributes to the general trust of a team. It’s so much nicer and more productive than having to work with someone just because you have to.

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