Christoph Prietze, Lilli Prietze

What, Where? Germany
Health, fitness, sports

From the website:
"As a deaf person I can deal better with this target group compared to non-deaf nutritionists. I speak the language of deaf people, the sign language and can communicate with them easily, I know the life situation of deaf people very well.

They like to meet with other deaf people, but they often have to go out for dinner because of the long distances, which leads to bad dietary habits. In addition, deaf people are often poorly and inadequately informed about healthy eating. The mass media (newspaper, television) are not accessible to them because of difficulties with reading and the lack of subtitling or interpreting.

For this reason, we offer group seminars in German sign language. We will give you tips and tricks on how to lose weight in the long term and how to avoid overweight."

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