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 "David Edgington has discovered that passion for the work and the business has kept him motivated to pursue his dreams of being a Fitness Instructor with his own clients and one day his own gym.

As a child David was always into sports but only got serious about it when he discovered the gym at around 16 years old. After getting completely absorbed in fitness, health and diet, David soon realised that his other Deaf friends really didn’t know that much about health and fitness. This became his driving force and inspiration for his business idea!

David had a plan but knew it would take some time so he started out by getting his qualifications and is now a Level 3 Fitness Instructor. Despite his qualifications David struggled to get any work and felt that being deaf, employers were discriminating against him.

This still didn’t stop him from following his dream and after years of trying to get a job in fitness he was finally successful in getting a position with Xercise4less. It was during his time with this company that he found a great opportunity.

David was lucky enough to be working alongside another deaf friend Dean Chester who was also passionate about fitness and health. David shared his dreams of setting up his own business and Dean was sold on the idea immediately!

After many discussions they both decided to set up business together and call themselves ‘The Deaf Gym’ The aim of their business is not only to support Deaf people in becoming fitter and healthier but also to encourage health education in the community and training for hearing Personal Trainers so they can become accessible for the Deaf community.

Although The Deaf Gym is still in its infancy David and Dean are both determined to make a success from their passions. 

In the meantime, if you want to know more about The Deaf Gym you can find them on Facebook."

(from: http://www.deafbusinessacademy.co.uk/blog/ )

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