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"In 2003 Joel Frutin Kellhofer decided that being deaf would not stop him achieving success in business. Seven years later, millions of people benefit from this decision.

Joel founded Productions Ltd to produce contents for media such as television and the Internet. He was determined to produce great work for hearing and Deaf audiences. The beginnings were small, but ambitions were high.

Joel explains: “My desk was in the corner of our living room in Newton Mearns. Our first contract was with the Scottish Council on Deafness. We developed their website, using video clips that made information accessible for Deaf and hearing people alike.

“These clips were a world premiere. Until then, nobody had been able to produce them in a format that could be used on the Internet. Later, we were the first company to use animation and in-vision signing against a moving 3D background.”

The latest technology

In the early days, using technology for digital video posed problems. Joel remembers: “In partnership with Zebra-Uno we made a DVD for Wolverhampton Council. We filmed in their professional studio. But I had to edit the video on a laptop. It didn’t have enough memory. So I had to delete office software applications to make space for video capture and editing.

“Nowadays, we’ve got no such worries. We use the latest technology, have powerful equipment for video production and website development, and brought all technical know-how in-house.”

Clients quickly spotted the potential of Over the years we’ve worked with outstanding companies, public sector organisations and charities."


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