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Signworld was devised and designed from the ground up to be the best sign language learning tool available online anywhere. The owners felt passionately that there was a need for a 21st century way of learning British Sign Language. They created Signworld's learning and teaching products out of more than 20 years’ experience of teaching BSL and devising successful teaching methods, using their deep knowledge of learners' needs and their excellent relationship with networks of BSL teachers across the UK.

The original Signworld Team consisted of two Deaf business women, Linda Day and Tessa Padden. For four years they worked hard to establish Signworld as the premier online learning tool for British Sign Language. In the spring of 2015, ownership was transferred fully to Linda Day. 

Interview (work in progress):

  • How did you start your business?

  • When was this?

  • What do you do? What is your business?

  • What barriers did you have to deal with, what support did you receive?

  • Can you tell us some good experiences, some bad experiences?

  • What do you wish you had known – when you first started?

  • Is your business focused on the Deaf community? If yes: why?

  • Do you use networking? If yes, how? What networks?

  • Is there anything else, that you want to share with us?


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