Agenda Deaf Enterprise, 

Consortium meeting 5, Leiden, 15-16 March 2018


Venue: Apothekersdijk 33A, Leiden. Google maps:  Contact person: Cees van Egmond

Participants: Miriam Grottanelli, Pia Rizzi, Lynne Barnes, Luigi Lerose, Outi Toura-Jensen, Ole Vestergaard, Ninja Kors, Jade Schiff (Friday0   

Interpreters: Lissa Zeviar, Eddie Moriarty

Phone-numbers: See website:  


Objectives of the meeting:

  • Finalizing the joint curriculum, including learning materials, resources, etc.
  • Everything that is needed for the National workshops


Thursday, 9:00 – 17:00

  1. Welcome, practical matters
  1. the Curriculum
  • Joint Modules
  • Modules for Jobseekers
  • Modules for Entrepreneurs
  • Learning materials
  • Resources for trainers, resources for participants
  1. National Workshops

Programme, participants, materials, registration forms, participation forms, evaluation forms, certificates ...

-   CBG

 -   UCLan

  -  ISLA

  1. The Website
    • o What format for the curriculum?
    • o What resources for the trainers, the participants?
    • o What additional info., videos, learning materials?

  2. Deaf Enterprise Survey
  • o Very few responses:
    NL: 1
    IT: 4 (+1 hearing person!)
    UK: 1
    DK: 0

What can we do to get more responses?

  1. Management

6.2   Minutes of the Siena project meeting: approved?

6.2 Evaluation of the Siena TtT workshop

6.3   Timesheets

6.4   Finances

  • 5 Date for the final meeting in Preston – May-June 2018. To discuss the results of the national workshops & to finalize the curriculum


  • 7 Evaluation of the meeting


  • 8 Any other matters


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