Act! Make it Happen


In the plans for their businesses, participants move from planning to modelling.


1 hour

Format & Materials

Real-life tasks – getting started with your business idea. Working in pairs, presentation to the group. Feedback and peer discussions.


Presentation by the trainer(s): When you have chosen a business model, the next step is to try to validate it by ‘selling’ it to a potential customer. If the potential customer doesn’t buy it, pivot again and modify your model based on reasons given by not buying. When a customer buys, you are either employed – or ready to create other, new customers as an entrepreneur.

In pairs, participants plan the following topics:

  • Calculate your business value
  • Test your model in the market
  • Strategies
  • Fit on the paper, in the market and in the bank
  • Designing your business from name to website
  • Customer insight

Presentation to the group; feedback.