Survey Results (work in progress)

(First results, May 2018) NB: At this point, the number of responses is too small for any conclusions!

The Respondents

Number of Respondents, per country


Age & Gender of Respondents, per country

all: Male 18, Female 10
Italy: Male 10, Female 5
UK: Male 5, Female 4

Age: Survey02


Preferred Communication mode?


Do you now own your own business?

 10 yes, 9 no.

Of the no’s,

  • 3 had their own business, in the past.
  • 10 want to start their own business.

What kind of businesses do the respondents have?

What kind of business?


Starting Date?



Main Target Group?


Main Market?


Number of Employees?



Barriers & Support

Main Barriers?


Open answer:
> Finding new customers: Deaf people do not want to pay for services, hearing people do not know the importance of accessible content (my work)


For your business: do you use an interpreter?


Government Support?

For your business: do you now receive support from your government / social services?


What kind of support do you receive?


  • To set up a special support programme / centre for Deaf Entrepreneurs
  • Financial Support (e.g. special funding or a monthly contribution to your income)
  • To enable me to participate in (mainstream) training programmes (e.g. by providing an interpreter or notetaker)]
  • To pay for special equipment (e.g. videophone, visual alarms, other accommodations)
  • To pay for an assistant to help me with reading / writing
  • To pay for some of the interpreter costs]
  • To pay for all interpreter costs

How Deaf Friendly is your contry for Deaf Entrepreneurs?

Overall, in your opinion: how 'Deaf Friendly' is your country for Deaf Entrepreneurs, on a scale from 0 - 10?



NB: At this point, the number of responses is too small for any conclusions! 


Comments & Advice

Comments & Advice?

* "Don't depend on interpreters, too much. This can be an obstruction. Show clearly that you are plurilingual. This really will help you get ahead."

* "Know how to do company administration and know what work there is to do, besides only offering your own service."

* "Know how to be a real entrepreneur: nothing comes to you by itself."

* "Be assertive, take control, and lead in an aware, cooperative and expert way. Don't let hearing people tell you what to do. You have your own mission and vision. Be proud of your company, be proud that you are the owner. That you can manage and collaborate at the highest level. Demonstrate this with competence and expertise. Be smart in networking, and be a visionary. See the connections between what is happening, information, and what the future may bring. Be well informed. Don't be afraid to ask people to support you with their expertise, so that your business can become more successful. Use all the help you can get to quickly move on, collaborating and succeeding. 

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