Interview questions (Target group, Entrepreneurs)


 Preston meeting:

A.     Questions to ask our Target groups:

  • Your background
  • Age?
  • Your training (before)
  • Your experiences
  • What do you want to learn?  (+ Follow up questions: what specifically?).

B.      Questions to ask Deaf Entrepreneurs

  • How did you start your business?
  • When?
  • What do you do? What is your business?
  • Barriers? Support received?
  • Good experiences, bad experiences?
  • What do you wish you had known – when you first started?
  • Is your business focused on the Deaf community? If yes: why?
  • Do you use networking? If yes, how? What networks?

Questions asked in Danish Interviews

(The materials from the first 4 questions can be used to www, introduction videos of deaf entrepreneurs)

  • How did you start your business? Idea, inspiration or need…? What was your motivation?
  • Why THIS business? How did you define the need for your business?
  • If your business is focused on Deaf community, so why?
  • Your greatest success until now?
  • Your business in 2021?
  • How was the first steps of your business? Barriers? Support received? From whom, specifically? How did you seek support? What kind of support, a) economical, b) personal or c) professional support (from the people who have tried the same/know what your business is about)
  • Your success and fail histories? How did you gain success? How did you face the fail(s) and survived them?
  • When looking back in time, what do you wish you had known before starting your business?
  • What kind of support you had wished to receive from whom? (not economical, but mostly professional and ’guiding’ support)
  • How do you use networking? What kind of networking? Experiences about networking with interpreter? What is challenging and why? Language or culture differences?
  • How did you establish your network? Through your education / friends / colleagues or professional network / social media…?
  • Networking within or outside the deaf community?
  • Attending professional conferences / courses? The last words: In your eyes, how do deaf generally start their business and use network? Your advices, tips? General problems you think deaf entrepreneurs face? If you could run a training workshop for them who want to start their own, what could this training workshop consist of? E.g. 3-5 focus areas and why these focus areas?


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